Redware Picture

Good morning Friends. Here is a little note for the day. My good friend Kathie gave me a book of pictures from a primitive collection at the American Folk Art Museum in New York. It is a lovely collection which I am truly enjoying. This piece is my re-creation of a picture by an unidentified artist, probably from Pennsylvania.


I have done a lot of punching lately and also some ‘finishing.’ I’m really close to sharing my Lady Liberty and my patriotic whale as well as my colonial tulips from the latest Punch Needle Primitive Stitcher magazine. Stay tuned for more to come.

Summer Greetings!

Good morning to my YooperTrails followers. I’m pleased to share some time with you.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I’m sure we all have stories to share and special moments to remember. I’m sitting on the deck with my children’s father enjoying the heat and the sun (and a chocolate croissant) before it becomes too hot.

I have a few finishes to share.  They are of a patriotic theme. Polly’s Parade is a pattern from Polly Minick. The marching chicken is a variation of one of Polly’s creation. The Yankee Doodle is mine. I am a bit late for Flag Day and a bit early for July 4th, but here they are. I truly enjoyed working the parade. It reminds me of celebrating as a child in Mohawk.

WP_fourth of july solo

WP_fourth of july trio


I had the privilege of conducting another little class with Kathie and Lee. We had two official classes and now continue to meet occasionally to punch together. It is always fun to introduce new people to the punching world. We chose a cardinal for our beginning project. Here is Kathie with her finish.


After that first project Kathie was hooked. She drew up her own pattern and made the pillow below. Very impressive, is it not?  Kathie is now working on a companion piece.


Thank you for stopping by.







Vegas, here we come. (Or, what does Marion do when not needlepunching?)


Since the weather can’t seem to cooperate here in Michigan, I think it’s time to check out another part of the country. Bruce is keeping the home fires burning while we have a girls’ trip to Las Vegas. The weather will be perfect, reaching the high 80s while we’re there.  No punch needle will accompany me. I fear security might relieve me of my Cameo.

I have some finishes to share with you. Our son-in-law is just finishing his masters in art at Michigan State. His thesis presentation was at the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum. At my daughter’s suggestion, I did a PN of one of David’s paintings. He loved it, which made me happy also. Here are photos of the original and the PN.  We have several ideas of what the subject is. David says it is in the eye of the beholder. So, what do you think?


My next finish is slightly out of the ordinary for me. With this Vegas trip upcoming, I looked to the Southwest for an idea. I sometimes struggle with colors. I wanted vivid hues for the thunderbird, but also wanted the desert represented.  Here is the outcome.


Finally, for each of my children’s birthday this year, I recreated PN of paintings they did in elementary. For Sarah, it was Raggedy Ann. For Michael it was a ship reminiscent of the Nina, Pinta or the Santa Maria. Granted, the Raggedy Ann is a bit on the creepy side, but so was her original. Anyway, it’s all in fun, right.


Whatever your days hold in store,  I hope we shared a smile here and now.

April Fools Day

Wow. Again I see how time has flown by since my last post. The Early Homestead Show has come and gone. I didn’t get many pictures. I will post one of our booth. It was fun to be a part of this great prim show.

Backing up, I see I still need to post a picture of my chalk painted bench.  Here is the before and after. Looking at different directions they talk about adding a coat of paste wax once it is complete. I didn’t do that. Now I’m on the prowl for more benches.

I’ve been busy preparing for my next class which begins next week. It is exciting to find folks who want to learn the art.

To all of you who look forward to the weekends, happy Friday to you. With the rain we have had the last few days the grass is greening up nicely. We are definitely ahead on the April showers. Be well and thanks for the visit.

Broom, dustpan, question answered

Today I have a little patriotic finish. This was done with Valdani perle cotton #12. Even when I attach a piece to something like the dustpan, I don’t like to leave the back unfinished.  Using a piece of red cotton I machine sewed the entire outside with the right side of PN facing inward. I trimmed the edges to 1/4 inch and snipped the corners.  I made a slit in the back to turn the piece right-side-out.  Carefully I worked the corners to make as square as possible and then ironed the piece. I have read somewhere that you shouldn’t press the punch needle area, however I do all the time.  (I snapped this pic before the ironing)


The final step was attaching the piece to the dustpan. I used Tacky glue for this.

One more pic. I don’t think I am breaking any rules by posting this picture. I am using it to answer my query from yesterday. The whisk broom sheep is a Putz. Putz animals are German in origin and are highly collectible. This was my attempt to recreate the image.

Thank you for stopping by. What are you working on today?

Another week begins…chalk paint and new PN finish

Happy Monday to you. We are going to see 50+ degrees today.  I have been wanting to try a chalk paint experiment. I think it will be warm enough today to work in the garage. I am going to try the baking soda recipe that I found on the internet. I have a footstool I purchased at an estate sale. It looks pretty bad right now. Some aged items look great as is, but not this. I’ll make sure to do before and after pictures.

I have a new finish to show you. I tried to replicate something. (I’m not going to say what. I’m hoping to get the answer from you.) Please let me know if my little sheep looks familiar to you.


That’s it for today. Enjoy your day!





March 2. Happy Birthday Michael

Wow. Forty years ago today our son was born. It was a terrible ice-covered day with many people losing power.  But we didn’t care. It was an exciting time in the Schmidlin family. With Mike turning 40, I guess I must have been 10 when he was born. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Two more finishes for the Early Homestead Show.

A Song of Sixpence

This bunny is from a pattern by Betty Dekat.

Happy day to you. May your snow shoveling be minimal

The challenge continues

I challenged myself to two more finishes a week until the Early Homestead Show in Holly. I think I might have fallen behind, but I have three finishes, so that should even it out.


I have really been enjoying making balsam pillows. I incorporated a bunny from a freebie from Melissa Bowman and added my background design. Thank you to Heidi and Anna for the beautiful African violet. I will do my best to keep it flourishing.

The baskets in these pictures were made by my dad for my children. They are grown and gone, but I remain the Keeper of the Baskets.


One of two Gardening Angels.

Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping in.

One month until Early Homestead

February 19…I used to think this felt like the longest month of the year. Now, it is zipping by. We are due to see 50+ degrees today. And Lent has begun, so spring cannot be far off.

I have two photos today. The first one is aMagdalena Briner inspired piece. I found the chair back at the flea market. I think it is the perfect background.


This second one shows my primitive collection sitting on my Warren Kimball cow box. I guess you notice my love for horses.


So, what is happening in your world today.  I hope you are enjoying the day and looking forward to the weekend.

How did I do that?

Thank you to Patti, who read my last blog and pointed out to me that the RO Farmers Market Think Spring show is actually on March 19, the same day as the Early Homestead show.  The good news is now I only need to prepare for one show. The bad news is I’m sorry to miss the market show. I must say Robin at the market was ever so gracious and understanding about my predicament.

My sister Carole and I have been keeping the phone busy discussing and making plans for the Early Homestead. It will be our first opportunity to do a show together and definitely make for a great time.

Here is today’s finish. This is a variation of a rug done by Polly Minick. I have filled it with balsam and it will make a sweet bowl filler.