Monthly Archives: February 2023

Rabbit Sheep Make-do

My piece is almost complete. I still need to sew the bottom closed, but I couldn’t wait to post a picture. I was really pleased at how easy the arm sewed up. I used my sewing machine to stitch most of it and then inverted it and hand sewed the remainder using just a a bit of fiberfill. One thing that helped was using homespun cotton for the backing. Homespun has a little more give than regular cotton fabric. Whenever I make stuffed pieces I use the least stuffing that is necessary to give it dimension. I don’t like tightly stuffed items. Again, thanks to Rebecca from The Simple Quiet for this pattern.

A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

What a great idea and efficient plan. Unfortunately not one I have developed over the years. I fall more under the “Where did I put that (fill in the blank) My mother always said to look in the closest spot. That sometimes helps, by the way.

So, all this really does fit into a punch needle story. I even have a few pictures of WOPs. Let me continue with my story. I’m preparing for a show in Holly. MI on April 1 (Vintage, Antiques, Primitives and Handmade Goods Show) I”ve been working on some ‘smalls’ available and discovered a great method of presenting them. I sew on rusty wire to create a hanger. I gives it an aged look, which I like and it also keeps the piece from sagging when you hang it.

Along with my smalls, I decided to replicate a piece I did from Rebecca Lindquist. Rebecca is my punch needle hero/guru/inspiration. Years ago I punched a rabbit riding a sheep and mounted it on a wedge/rocker I cut from an old wooden bowl. I had a second wedge from the same bowl, which I’ve seen in my house regularly through the years.

As this story is getting long, let me summarize. I looked ‘everywhere’ for the wire, finally gave up and ordered some more. I moved on to finding the rocker wedge. After two days I decided to use a white doorknob instead to mount my make-do rabbit/sheep piece. Since then, the bowl rocker simply appeared on my workbench and the next day the wire appeared right on my desk in the middle of our living room! Can you say gremlins?

Here are a few sneak previews of current projects. All four of the smalls came from Punch Needle Primitive Stitcher magazines. All I have to do is sew on the wire hangers. The second picture is the make-do piece of the rabbit and sheep. Sewing a back on the arm is challenging. I might hand sew it or else machine sew 60% and then invert and hand sew the rest. Along with my where did I put game, I’m finding little ‘updates/changes to the format on my website, causing me to take three days to get this short post ready. So, wish me luck and I should return with some finished projects by midweek. Enjoy your Sunday.