Happy St Patrick’s Day

Greetings to my Irish friends and all those who are Irish today. Back home in Yooper country this was the day anticipated that last big winter storm of the season. I understand there is a potential of 8 to 26 inches of snowfall across the Upper Peninsula over the weekend. It’s a good thing they know how to manage that much snow.

Days have been busy here as I prepare for the Vintage, Antique and Handmade Show on April 1 sponsored by Cari Cucksey fron the Holly Vault. 111 College St. Holly, MI . The hours are 10am until 5pm and admission is $5.

If you have been following my posts you know the story of my search for my rocking bowl wedge. Happily it has been found and has become the base for Yankee Doodle to come to town riding on his pony. This is my design and it is the second one I’ve done. (No more old bowls laying around the house, so I might not do another.

This next piece is a reproduction of a hooked rug done by Madgalena Briner Eby, who was a prolific rug hooker from the 1800s. I do a lot of prims because I love the style. This particular project was a bit challenging. (Tip for you punchers out there, don’t cut those tails immediately because it’s easier to push them to the side as you fill in the spaces. Punching around all those tails on the tree is a slow process as you don’t want to leave any blank spaces. I ran out of some colors but then thought, back in the 1800s women didn’t run to the store for more supplies. They mostly used scraps to begin with. So, I did the same. I mounted it on a stained plaque. I’m adding a picture of the back to show how it will hang. I glued two buttons and will tie waxed jewelry string to provide a hanger. (I didn’t want to wait for the glue to dry to post pics.)

That’s it for today. Hopefully in a few days I’ll have my Family Tree, pattern from Rebecca Lindquist at The Simple Quiet and my bunny and tulips sitting in a Kraft cheese box, freebie pattern from Colleen King Collaizzi . Thanks for stopping by.

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