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Happier Times.

Hello Friends. I had such a productive day today. I’m excited to share my latest finish. This is a design from Yvonne Buus that she calls ‘Joseph.’ I’m calling it ‘Happier Times’ since that is what is brings to mind and what we are all awaiting.

I thought I’d share with you my method for finishing. This first picture shows the materials I used. The foam board is cut so it fits into the back of the frame. Using quilt batt glued to the board gives the piece nice dimension. The Stitchery Tape is double sided and acid free.

I steam pressed the piece, checked for any punches that needed trimming and cut the excess weaver’s cloth to two inches around the piece.


Position your piece with the foam board in the center. Place this into the back of the frame and check the front side to make sure no weaver’s cloth shows around the side. Attach the cloth in the center of each side. Check the front again. You might need to reposition the piece. You can remove the cloth from the initial attached area once or twice without compromising the tape.


After making sure the cloth is pulled tight and attached to the tape I used a point pusher to keep it all in place in the frame.

Then I used regular scotch tape (double sided) on the frame back and covered it with brown paper. I usually use screw eyes, but didn’t have any in the house. There is no running to the hardware store these days, so plan B is using a ‘make do.’ I had some upholstery tacks and actually really like how it turned out.

 So, here’s the finished product


I hope I had some good tips for you. If my stain and wax is dry I’ll have my two sheep ready to post tomorrow. I stained it today and added MinWax. Now it just needs to dry.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be safe.


Time for a new post.

Hello Friends.  I find myself with plenty of time on my hands these days. Perhaps I can provide a diversion with a visit to my blog. So, what good things can I share? It has been so nice to be wakened these mornings by the chirping of birds outside. I see the beginning of buds on trees. I took a walk the other night and saw a lovely  bed of little yellow flowers, not sure what they were. All these signs mean spring is near.

Our sweet baby Claudia is almost 18 months old and Grandma has to share one picture.

I see her dad in that sweet little face.

I’ve been keeping busy and finishing works in progress. Here is a four square runner I started before Christmas. (I see my photo includes the messy lower part of the desk.)


I had a show planned for April 5 at the Eastern Market, which of course now has been postponed. Hopefully the May 31 date they chose will find us in better days. Meanwhile, I thought I’d post a picture each day of pieces I have been punching. This one is called Faded Flowers and is from a pattern by Julie Thomas at The Old Tattered Flag.


I am posting two photos today. This one is from Doreen Frost, one of my favorite designers. I haven’t decided if I should stain this hornbook, or if I should paint it. And if I paint it, what color shall I chose. What are your thoughts?


Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment and we can share some conversation. Be well and stay positive.