Monthly Archives: January 2016

Enjoyable Evening Class

I was so pleased to host a mini punch needle class at our home last night for three lovely ladies; Jan, Patti and Sharon. We began with a candle mat about 4×7 with a heart in the center since Valentine’s Day is so close in the future. Three hours passed so quickly that I had to hurry to serve my Sleepy Time Tea and pumpkin bar.  My friends left with homework assigned: finish your punching and next week we will assemble the backing and finish your first project.

We used DMC floss with numbers 814, 420 and 3032.



Flea Market Finds

Well, I made my Sunday trip to the local flea market.  I mostly walk around and look at everything and buy nothing. But today I scored a few thing.


The frames I can always use.  I was thinking perhaps the faucet handle might work as a base. The horse is some heavy metal. The woman thought it was lead, but a magnet sticks to it. I have no idea what I’ll do with it, but I had to take it home. He has a cute face and maybe I can draw him. The clincher was the chair back. Hopefully that will become a rocker for a new punch needle creation.

I  just got a pattern from Lori at Homespun Prims. I ordered my Valdani and I’m just waiting for that to arrive.  Click here to visit Lori’s site.

Welcome 2016

Hello. Thanks you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my post and photos and please feel free to make a comment.

Here it is, January 6. My Christmas tree and decorations are all stored away for another year and the house is back to normal (or as normal is it ever gets.)  As I was packing things up I wanted to share a photo with you. I bought this little bobble-headed Santa at the Beaumont gift shop the first year I moved to the city from Yooper Land.  The box is dated 1969 which means it is 46 years old and I have been living here for 46 years.  How can that be? I get a little sentimental and reminiscent at Christmas. Many years and many memories all brought to the surface with my sweet little bobble head…


In the world of punch needle, my mind wanders in many directions. I have rediscovered Magdalena. She did so many beautiful rugs and I’d like to recreate every one. I have been working on Dog and Two Crows.  Also, I’ve been poring over my book on frakturs. So many pieces to punch. Let us see how many months into 2016 we travel before I have finishes to share.

Here is a potential backing for Dog and Two Crows. I still need to decide.

I have one more finish to share. This one is truly finished. I did this little cupboard tuck from a pattern by Teresa Kogut of Creative Whims. Teresa does some lovely patterns.  This one is called Springtime Bunnies.  I filled it with balsam needles.


So, what are you doing to celebrate this new year ahead of us?