A day late and a dollar short

Wow, it has been so busy here lately. Veterans Day came and went without mention. So, a belated Happy Veterans Day to all. We began the day with donuts and coffee at the VFW home post here in town. Then attended the ceremonies at the eleventh hour, eleventh day, eleventh month, which if you did not know is when the armistice ending World War I went into effect. Then back to the post for a nice luncheon.

Two weeks from yesterday I’ll be at the Elf Shelf at the Troy High School. So I have been punching like crazy here getting ready. Bottom line, I already tanked on my challenge to myself to create a post every day for however many weeks. AT least I made many days. Oh well, I’m back.

I have three pieces on frames. I’ll share Harvest Blessings from Julie Zakrzewski at My Primitive Heart. I’m down to punching the stem on the black pumpkin and filling in the background. As has been the case lately I’m going to run out of the background color before I run out of background. Grrr!! I used my wooden frame with carpet tacking to hold the cloth in place. The blue and white covering is made from steering wheel covers and helps keep you from poking yourself with the tacking.

Enjoy your Sunday, Friends. We had snow in the air last night, but it melted.

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