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Broom, dustpan, question answered

Today I have a little patriotic finish. This was done with Valdani perle cotton #12. Even when I attach a piece to something like the dustpan, I don’t like to leave the back unfinished.  Using a piece of red cotton I machine sewed the entire outside with the right side of PN facing inward. I trimmed the edges to 1/4 inch and snipped the corners.  I made a slit in the back to turn the piece right-side-out.  Carefully I worked the corners to make as square as possible and then ironed the piece. I have read somewhere that you shouldn’t press the punch needle area, however I do all the time.  (I snapped this pic before the ironing)


The final step was attaching the piece to the dustpan. I used Tacky glue for this.

One more pic. I don’t think I am breaking any rules by posting this picture. I am using it to answer my query from yesterday. The whisk broom sheep is a Putz. Putz animals are German in origin and are highly collectible. This was my attempt to recreate the image.

Thank you for stopping by. What are you working on today?

Another week begins…chalk paint and new PN finish

Happy Monday to you. We are going to see 50+ degrees today.  I have been wanting to try a chalk paint experiment. I think it will be warm enough today to work in the garage. I am going to try the baking soda recipe that I found on the internet. I have a footstool I purchased at an estate sale. It looks pretty bad right now. Some aged items look great as is, but not this. I’ll make sure to do before and after pictures.

I have a new finish to show you. I tried to replicate something. (I’m not going to say what. I’m hoping to get the answer from you.) Please let me know if my little sheep looks familiar to you.


That’s it for today. Enjoy your day!





March 2. Happy Birthday Michael

Wow. Forty years ago today our son was born. It was a terrible ice-covered day with many people losing power.  But we didn’t care. It was an exciting time in the Schmidlin family. With Mike turning 40, I guess I must have been 10 when he was born. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

Two more finishes for the Early Homestead Show.

A Song of Sixpence

This bunny is from a pattern by Betty Dekat.

Happy day to you. May your snow shoveling be minimal