Elf Shelf Preview

Well, I’ve discovered that posting about punch needle is more difficult than punch needle. My photography skills are not the best. I already had to delete one photo because my lovely kitchen garbage filled the bottom of the frame. But, let’s move on.

Let me start with Santa’s Midnight Ride. This was from Jeannine Happe at Two Old Crows. Punching this one took more than a few nights, but it was a fun project. Much of the piece is punched at a deeper loop, which really makes it pop. I backed it with a brown cotton print and a sleeve of the same fabric. I stained a dowel and used buckskin cording for hanging.

This next picture shows another neat idea I tried. I found a site on the internet that had rusty wire. It works well for hanging pieces. The tautness of the wire keeps it from sagging which I was looking for. Also, it’s cute and primitive looking. I’m sure I’ve mentioned how I love prim.

I found this little blue enamel child’s baking dish. I punched a little feather tree (or Swedish Christmas tree, as my friend Judy says,) sewed a back on it and then used tacky glue to adhere it the tin.

One more for today. I hope I’m remembering correctly. I’m pretty certain this pattern ‘Noel’ comes from Tara Guernsey from Perfect Prim Punch.

That’s it for now. These are some of the pieces I’ll have at the Elf Shelf on Saturday.

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