Challenge and invitation

Hello Friends. I seem to drop in on my own blog like a grasshopper hopping through a garden. So, I’m challenging myself to create one post daily for three weeks. With help from the search engine I found developing a habit takes from 50 to 66 repetitions. I guess three weeks does not a habit make, but it’s a start. So, to help me in this experiment, I invite you to visit my blog daily, or at least every so often. Drop in, leave a comment. ask a question. I’ve been needle punching for 8+ years and maybe I can help you.

I have several completed punch needle pieces. Each day I’ll post one and add some tips on how I finished it.

Here are two in-progress pictures.

With this project I decided to attach it to a base. (The final picture shows one of the many items you can use.) Whichever finish you choose, the first thing you should do is steam the finished piece with an iron (always using a pressing cloth on top of the piece. Irons and weaver’s cloth don’t like each other and without a pressing cloth you wind up with goo on your iron.) The steaming sort of shapes it.

Some people choose to trim the weavers cloth close to the edge and then fold it to the back of the piece and it down. I have used that method, but it’s messy and takes a while to complete.

I like to use some scrap cloth and sew it to the punch needle with right sides together. You can sew it completely around, trim the edges and then cut a slit in the center of the cloth and turn it right side out. Because you then glue it to whatever base you choose, you never see the backing or the slit. My choice of glue is Aleene’s original Tacky Glue.

So, here is the finished piece. Mr Moo sitting on a copper bell next to my Williraye cow.

Well, that’s it. See you tomorrow and don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight!

2 thoughts on “Challenge and invitation

    1. I enjoy your FB posts also. Your entry about Tasha Tudor prompted me to research her and find two beautifully illustrated books for my granddaughter. She had an interesting life.


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