Monthly Archives: December 2022

Greetings on this Saturday afternoon

It has been a bit of a dry spell for punching for me since the Elf Shelf. I have done some Christmas decorating which is always fun. After the years of Covid interfering with plans, I happily await having family here for Christmas Eve. There is a good news, bad news story here. The bad news is my husband and I are reaching the end of a covid episode ourselves. The good news is we are far enough away from Christmas to be past it all.

I just have a few pictures to share. These are all little candles that were popular back in the 50s/60s. The bauble head Santa in the center I bought at the Beaumont Hospital gift shop the first year I moved to the city. He is probably older than many of you reading this. The punch needle pieces don’t exactly fit, but that’s ok. It’s where they live.

Below is a portion of my Santa’s that I’ve collected over the years. The hanging quilt I made during a trip to visit my sister in Nebraska many years ago.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep a good spirit as we move (slowly for me) into the Christmas days ahead.