Framing a punch needle piece

Good Tuesday morning to you. Today I’m explaining how I finish a piece with a frame. Awhile back I attempted to video my process, but that didn’t work too well. So I’m just going to write it out. Supplies you need include 1/4 inch foamboard, quilt batt, brown shipping paper, screw eyes, double sided scotch tape and double sided acid free tape, a point pusher and waxed jewelry string. I purchased the Stitchery Tape probably 8 years ago and haven’t used it up yet. You measure the foamboard to fit snug on the inside of the frame. I glue a piece of quilt batt to the foam board which puffs the punch needle slightly out from the frame. Place the finished piece on top of the batt and test it inside the frame. Often you will need to go back and punch a little more on the outside edges. You don’t want the white weavers cloth showing.

Once you are satisfied with how the piece fits in the frame, run a strip of the stitchery tape on each side of the foam board. When you take off the top protective layer you can press a little of the weavers cloth onto the tape and check the placement in the front. If you need to adjust the placement you can pull the weavers cloth back from the tape to move it around without losing the stickiness.

Once the punched area is positioned in the frame, press down all the excess weavers cloth onto the tape. You can fold the corners in and use the point pusher to hold it all in place.

I use double sided scotch tape applied to the frame and cut a piece of brown wrapping paper to cover the entire back. I use an exacto blade to cut the paper even with the sides. Measure 1/3 of the distance down the sides and drill tiny holes to screw in the screw eyes. Finally, I use the waxed jewelry string to make a hanger. Reading over all I’ve written it seems like a lot of directions, but I like to be thorough. The next picture shows the finished back and the jewelry string. (Worst case scenerio, if you still see a bit of the white weavers cloth on the front you can carefully use a colored marker and stain the cloth.)

This Father Christmas holding a lamb is from a Christmas issue of Punch Needle Primitive Stitcher. I hope you found it informative.

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