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Wynter has hit Royal Oak

Last Tuesday was the scheduled day for the city to pick up leaves from our street, but Mother Nature had other ideas. I can’t remember the last time we got snow before the leaves were gone. Now we have a messy mix of snow and leaves and some temperatures that I’m not quite ready for. I guess it is a reminder of what we can control and what we cannot. Speaking of control, let’s talk about what I saw when I opened my blinds on Thursday morning. It was the beginning of a lovely weekend of celebration.

I am happy to be joining ‘A Magical Early Homestead Christmas’ in Holly, Michigan on December 7, part of Holly’s yearly Dickens festival.  Busy days!

I finally found something to make for this toy iron I’ve had for years.
Some vintage cookie cutters and toy tins.
These little guys stand on quilting thread spools.
Santa’s Midnight Ride done in browns and tans is 9×14 inches. It is a pattern from Two Old Crows.
Still not completely finished. I need to add the ribbon for hanging Wynter and also need to hand stitch the bottom of the little bowl fillers which I’ve stuffed with balsam needles.

Back to work for me. Thanks for stopping by.