I see the moon. The moon sees me.

So, I was wide awake at 5:30 this morning. What to do. I guess the only thing is to get up and see the lunar eclipse. I wasn’t really inclined to step outside in my pj’s but I did go to an upstairs west window. The moon was there, but by 6am it had moved just enough to hide behind some tree branches. By the way, I see the moon is a song we sang to our kids when they were little. Now my son sings it to his daughters. How sweet is that?

I’m excited to share more finishes with you today. I revisited some of my posts from years ago and rediscovered a great tip for hanging pieces. As you know by now, I’m very big on the prim style. And the philosophy of ‘make do.’ This little running rabbit is my pattern and I’ve done variations of winter and spring pieces. The board I got either at Michael’s or JoAnns. It’s thin and not suitable to use screw eyes. So this is what I came up with. I glued a button on the back an used waxed thread, which you can find in the jewelry section of any craft store. Look for a button that is a little thick on one side and glue that side to whatever you want to hang. This gives you space to wrap the waxed thread around it.

My last picture, Cat and Dog is a variation on a hooked rug from the 1800s. This is also a repeat piece for me. I added the border on the top and bottom. Besides making a nice contrast, it gives me the opportunity to use up little pieces of thread from my stash. This one has a sleeve sewed on the back to insert a dowel. I like the look of buckskin for a hanging option.

Thanks for stopping by!

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