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Greetings All. Today I’m taking from Facebook a memory they provided me. These pictures are from a show I did at Eastern Market last year. I see projects from Doreen Frost, Lori Brechlin, Colleen Collazzi and Cathy Sowers, as well as many of my own. You probably notice the prim theme running through the mix. I’m working on items for the Elf Shelf on the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Troy High School. I’ll have more information later on. We’ll see what I come up with.Enjoy this beautiful sunny Monday.

Tiny Picture

Good morning on day two of my challenge and day one of the time change. All our clocks were set back before turning in last night and no discussion, aside from this post, will ensue on the topic moving forward. After 50 years of marriage (really after 30 years) I can’t entertain the ‘it’s really x time and not y time.

I gather items from flea markets and antique stores. Often what I punch is decided on what I find in my stash. I had this tiny frame for a long time and recently came up with this. I think it’s cute and it shows that you don’t need to be a talented artist to come up with designs. One of the reasons I love the primitive look is because it is so forgiving of perfection.

That’s it for today’s posting. Thanks for stopping by.

Challenge and invitation

Hello Friends. I seem to drop in on my own blog like a grasshopper hopping through a garden. So, I’m challenging myself to create one post daily for three weeks. With help from the search engine I found developing a habit takes from 50 to 66 repetitions. I guess three weeks does not a habit make, but it’s a start. So, to help me in this experiment, I invite you to visit my blog daily, or at least every so often. Drop in, leave a comment. ask a question. I’ve been needle punching for 8+ years and maybe I can help you.

I have several completed punch needle pieces. Each day I’ll post one and add some tips on how I finished it.

Here are two in-progress pictures.

With this project I decided to attach it to a base. (The final picture shows one of the many items you can use.) Whichever finish you choose, the first thing you should do is steam the finished piece with an iron (always using a pressing cloth on top of the piece. Irons and weaver’s cloth don’t like each other and without a pressing cloth you wind up with goo on your iron.) The steaming sort of shapes it.

Some people choose to trim the weavers cloth close to the edge and then fold it to the back of the piece and it down. I have used that method, but it’s messy and takes a while to complete.

I like to use some scrap cloth and sew it to the punch needle with right sides together. You can sew it completely around, trim the edges and then cut a slit in the center of the cloth and turn it right side out. Because you then glue it to whatever base you choose, you never see the backing or the slit. My choice of glue is Aleene’s original Tacky Glue.

So, here is the finished piece. Mr Moo sitting on a copper bell next to my Williraye cow.

Well, that’s it. See you tomorrow and don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight!

Halloween is coming

I’m working on a piece from Doreen Frost called ‘Judge Rivington.’ I like to show a piece develop so here’ a photo in progress.

The colors Doreen chose are so vibrant and I’m so pleased with how the coat and breeches and boots stand out. I was worried with the dark shades that they would blend into each other.

I’m pacing my punching so I don’t wear out my hand and wrist. So, here it is.

New punchneedle pieces

Once again I find that much time has passed since my last post. Here it is the end of May. I’m still struggling with my wrist so my punching has been limited. But I’m not giving up! I just limiting my activity.

I want to share what I have completed. Here is The Messenger, from Donna Munson. This was a fun project and I finally got to use this frame. I’ve had the frame for some time and had painted it with my favorite burgundy distressed with black. I had to alter the pattern slightly and add more of the lighter color outside the gold. She’s a cute little angel and I’m really happy with how the eyes turned out.

Hex and Frex is a true primitive from Lori Brechlin. The background looks white in the picture, but it’s punched with Valdani #5, a nice ecru color. Right now they’re tucked under a shelf my daughter made in high school next to a spice box and spool holder, both from my sister, Carole. I think they will go to the Copper Country Art show in August along with the little cone flower picture I drew.

I’ve been feeling summery so I did three of these little Ball jar/flower vases. They’re just little things, so the rusty wire I purchased works well to help them hang straight.

Anyone from Michigan knows gets the next photo. The Mighty Mac that brings together the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan. Hence my blog name ‘Yooper Trails.’ It’s about a five minute drive across and leads to Paradise. (Literally, Paradise is about 66 miles north.) Our happy place is about 281 miles away in the Copper Country.

Well, that’s about it for this time. Be safe and pray for all those out there who need it.

Memorial Day

Greetings Friends. This is the kick off weekend for summer for us. After a very long winter for some of us, summer is a welcome time.

This is also a weekend to remember our fallen soldiers. All families have someone they think of at this time. Our uncle Terry, only 19 was he buried in France during World War II. Let’s all take a moment…

Winter has arrived

Good morning. It is nice to see the bit of white snow we have here. The temps have been under freezing for the past week, but it feels refreshing for a short while. We moved snow twice; the first time with a broom and the second with the snow blower. We have wonderful young neighbors who help out. I’m not quite sure when we became the old timers on the block, but I guess we’re here.

After a lengthy period of resting my hand hand it is good to get back to punching again. I’m working on a piece called The Messenger done by Donna Munson from My Country Keepers. Here’s a little peak. I’m just loving the colors she chose for this one.

All Things Detroit

Greetings Friends. What exciting news I have to share. First, Bruce and I were so pleased to take a ride to Windsor in October and spent a night. We were able to be there for our granddaughter, Claudia’s third birthday. We had to both get covid tested and also provide information on a Canadian website, but once that was taken care of it was a seamless process. And little Isla is five months now. Grandma could go on and on, but I’ll just say it was a heart-filling day.

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my right hand this fall, so my punching has been severely limited. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss doing punch needle, but after resting for some time I think I’ll be able to pick it us again. I was able to finish some items for the All Things Detroit show which is this Sunday at the Eastern Market. This was originally scheduled for March of 2020. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on that. So November 7 is the day. There will be 150 vendors in three sheds. The sides all consist of garage doors which are open in the summer. They will be closed on Sunday, so this is considered an indoor event. Masks are required. There is a $5 entry fee.

It looks to be a nice day on Sunday. Maybe I’ll see you.

September has come

Labor Day has come and gone. Watching the neighbors leave the house with their two young boys to walk to school Tuesday. They were both shiny faced, hair combed nicely and toting back packs. It made me a little nostalgic for the days our kids were little. I always felt like this was as much of a new beginning as January first every year. Let’s hope for a really great one this year.

I think I’m ready

Tomorrow is the day! The Early Homestead show in Holly MI. 111College St. Holly 48442 – 10a til 3p. $5 entry. I’m so pleased (and surprised) that I finished Polly Minick’s Fourth of July Parade. The second picture shows my Americana collection. Both the parade pic and the Bathing Beauties have sleeves stitched to the back for hanging. I hope I see you there!

I simply must share this picture of our beautiful Claudia. Isn’t she just squeezable!