Christmas photos

Welcome to my mini tour to celebrate Christmas.



The above two photos are taken in our front porch. I love the paper mache top hat. I found it at  Michaels last year. I wish I bought more than one because I’ve not seen them again.


I made these pomanders following a recipe in a book called “The Scented Room.” by Barbara Orbach.  They are done with clove-studded limes which sat in a mixture of cloves, cinnamon, allspice for four weeks. After ‘curing’ I tied each with a blue ribbon.


Here is the cutlery tray I found at one of the Illinois prim shows we visited last month. It is filled with coxcomb, fabric pears and pinkeeps made by my sister, Carole. The little copper candle was done by my son Michael many years ago. He was creating prims before I ever discovered them.WP_001017


I made this wreath at a workshop at the Einerlie store in Chassel, Michigan years ago. The owner did summer workshops which Carole and I attended for many summers. Nestled in with pomegranates , seed heads and penguin you will find a little cream colored sheep. This is special as it is the very first thing I punched.

Christmas stockings waiting for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve.

I hope you enjoyed your your visit.

2 thoughts on “Christmas photos

  1. Marion, You are really in the festive mode. Everything looks great. Love the cutlery tray you bought on our trip. Don’t forget to put the next shows on your calendar!


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