Sneak Peek

Magdalena Briner Eby (1832-1915) was from Perry County, PA.  Her primitive rugs are considered a signature example of American folk art. If pressed, I don’t think I could choose a favorite.

Hooked rugs were done with long strips of wool and hooked on stiff fabric such as burlap. I always say that hooking and punching are like cousins and the designs work well in either one.  The photos above are the beginning of my latest project. It is my freehand interpretation of  Magdalena’s Dog and Crows and I will try to keep the colors as close to hers as I can.  I’ve learned that there were certain things  repeated in rugs she created. For example, the cherry in the bird’s beak can be found in different rugs.

So, a little history and a sneak preview. Thanks for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

    1. Hi Lori. I was happy to get the pic drawn out on weavers cloth. If I don’t have something available to pick up in the evenings my hands feel emply. With the kids coming home and Christmas so close I don’t know how soon I’ll finish. It is fun to put it out there and know that someone is watching my progress.

      I visited your picture trail and thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas tour.


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