New punchneedle pieces

Once again I find that much time has passed since my last post. Here it is the end of May. I’m still struggling with my wrist so my punching has been limited. But I’m not giving up! I just limiting my activity.

I want to share what I have completed. Here is The Messenger, from Donna Munson. This was a fun project and I finally got to use this frame. I’ve had the frame for some time and had painted it with my favorite burgundy distressed with black. I had to alter the pattern slightly and add more of the lighter color outside the gold. She’s a cute little angel and I’m really happy with how the eyes turned out.

Hex and Frex is a true primitive from Lori Brechlin. The background looks white in the picture, but it’s punched with Valdani #5, a nice ecru color. Right now they’re tucked under a shelf my daughter made in high school next to a spice box and spool holder, both from my sister, Carole. I think they will go to the Copper Country Art show in August along with the little cone flower picture I drew.

I’ve been feeling summery so I did three of these little Ball jar/flower vases. They’re just little things, so the rusty wire I purchased works well to help them hang straight.

Anyone from Michigan knows gets the next photo. The Mighty Mac that brings together the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan. Hence my blog name ‘Yooper Trails.’ It’s about a five minute drive across and leads to Paradise. (Literally, Paradise is about 66 miles north.) Our happy place is about 281 miles away in the Copper Country.

Well, that’s about it for this time. Be safe and pray for all those out there who need it.

1 thought on “New punchneedle pieces

  1. Marion. As usual beautiful punching. I love the Mighty Mac pattern. Is it one of yours? I would love to get the pattern if possible.


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