In like a lion or like a lamb

We have enjoyed a few lovely days of warm sunny weather here in Michigan. Tomorrow is March 1 and we all know better than to lower our weather guard. However, spring is coming. I have been dabbling in a bit of spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Like New Years Day or the first day of school, spring is a motivating time for me.

Allow me to share some thoughts on aging. I’m really ok with the process, but I wish I could have 20-year old eyes. I wear glasses, but historically only away from home. I just feel better without them…like shoes I take them off as soon as I get in the house. (Added bonus, this gives me one more item to search for later) Well, the other day I was trying to thread the pointy part of a needle. After several attempts and a bit of grumbling I put on the darn glasses and it was like a miracle. The thread went through that little hole like it was magnetized. I don’t have any deep earth-shaking realization from all this. Just wanted to share the story.

I am getting excited for the Early Homestead Show at Holly, Michigan on March 24. This is a great place to find those prims we all love. You can find details at the Holly Hills Primitives by clicking here. I will have a booth there with my punch needle creations. Stop on by.

These two bunnies are from Betty Dekat at Primitive Betty’s, click here. The hornbook bunnies was a freebie and the little guy posed on the doorknob was a pattern.


I drew up Rabbit and Flowers. It is one of my favorites and I’ve punched it three times. I used Valdani variegated threads and punched in circles randomly throughout the rabbit’s body and the background. This is a technique suggested by Doreen Frost. It creates a nice finish. It also breaks up the repetitive action of the finishing the background.


Just so you know, I can punch other things than rabbits. This one I drew to reflect the Warren Kimball style. I painted the frame with my favorite burgundy. This great frame reminds me of a barn wall.


Here’s one last photo and I’m off to start my day. Thanks so much for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “In like a lion or like a lamb

  1. Everything is looking so good. I especially like the cow! BTW, I am getting my eyes checked this morning. Too bad you don’t live closer, you could come with me! Have a great day


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