Sweet Summer

Hello Friends. We have been enjoying a quiet Father’s Day beginning with a little bit of weeding and ending with New York strip steak on the grill.  I will not complain about the heat and humidity. I’ve been waiting is seems forever for summer to arrive. I hope you too are having a relax day.

I am looking forward to being a part of the Eagle Harbor Art Fair on August 12 and 13. (Looking forward and working furiously to prepare.) Eagle Harbor is in the heart of Yooper Country and I’m very excited to be involved. I have several projects in the works and some ready to share. This first picture began in my head as two black bears, but my son-in-law thought of polar bears when he saw my drawing. So, polar bears they are. I think I might do another with black bears too. I’ve also been experimenting with paint. This frame was done with layers of red and black painted on and wiped off. My photography skill aren’t the best. I see this picture is cock-eyed. Oh well..bend your head slightly.


Next are a couple little pieces The bird is representative of a fraktur and the flowers sit in a blue mason jar.

My little horse heads are inspired by an antique rug. I got the pony shoes from my cousin. This was fun to work on. I found half inch wood and cut the hornbooks. I have carpet tacks holding the shoes on. If I can find some real horseshoe nails I will replace the tacks.


I had fun with this last one also. The yellow background is really far from my norm of colors I use, but I think it works.


Thank you for stopping by.

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