Broom, dustpan, question answered

Today I have a little patriotic finish. This was done with Valdani perle cotton #12. Even when I attach a piece to something like the dustpan, I don’t like to leave the back unfinished.  Using a piece of red cotton I machine sewed the entire outside with the right side of PN facing inward. I trimmed the edges to 1/4 inch and snipped the corners.  I made a slit in the back to turn the piece right-side-out.  Carefully I worked the corners to make as square as possible and then ironed the piece. I have read somewhere that you shouldn’t press the punch needle area, however I do all the time.  (I snapped this pic before the ironing)


The final step was attaching the piece to the dustpan. I used Tacky glue for this.

One more pic. I don’t think I am breaking any rules by posting this picture. I am using it to answer my query from yesterday. The whisk broom sheep is a Putz. Putz animals are German in origin and are highly collectible. This was my attempt to recreate the image.

Thank you for stopping by. What are you working on today?

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