Visiting the real Yooper Trails And Cathy’s Turkey nears completion.

I just returned from a wonderful trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan with my son, Michael. True to form, the UP gave us a wide range of weather while we were there. One minute we were bombarded with snow on our windshield. Then we would drive around one or two curves and be greeted by sunshine and glorious fall color.


I have decided if someone were to roll out the red carpet for me I want it to look like the one below..


We had supper at Fitzgerald’s in Eagle River just in time to catch the sunset over Lake Superior. A bit too chilly for a fire and roasted potatoes, but we couldn’t go home without a visit to one of our favorite spots. Here is MIchael framed by the sunset.


I carried Cathy’s turkey with me on our 600 mile trip, but must admit I never touched a punch needle while we were gone. So, now I’m back and I have managed to finish the punching. I’ve got Tom’s backing sewed on and turned the piece right-side out. (Very carefully turned. I held my breath when I reached the top hat.)  I’m posting a few pictures of my progress. I haven’t decided how I will mount the bird. I tried the doorknob, but it seems to want to wobble. Turkeys should gobble, not wobble. I have a short little wooden candle holder, but I’m leaning towards using my Tinker Toys to form a base. Once I decide I’ll sew the pumpkin shut on the bottom. Any thoughts?


And finally, Tressie, the Queen sends her best wishes


2 thoughts on “Visiting the real Yooper Trails And Cathy’s Turkey nears completion.

  1. Marion, Looks like you and Michael hit the jackpot with the weather! ‘Tom’ looks great; what about the decoy base you found here? Tressie is being a good girl, and not disturbing the decorations.


    1. I thought about the duck decoy base, but I think I’ll save that for something else. It almost seemed too big. Although it surely wouldn’t fall over.


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