Cathy’s Turkey

I am all set to begin my newest project. Cathy Sowers offered this pattern for anyone to work I have picked my colors and have my pattern on the frame. Is anyone interested in punching along?

wp_cathys turkey000_1661-2

4 thoughts on “Cathy’s Turkey

  1. I would like to punch with you. I am fascinated by the craft and your 3 dimensional projects are very creative. After the holiday season would you consider holding a class?


    1. kandib1114, thank you for your kind remarks. Perhaps after the holidays I might consider a class, or a gathering of some sort. While you would be learning to punch, I would be also be learning to teach.


  2. So glad to read your craft in Detroit News. Years ago 30 plus I took an hour class from lady from Ohio and did a heart, mound on to a tiny box. I loved it but had not gone further. If a class local to Detroit, I would love to attend and learn the old art. I have a copper needle, new type local craft shops. B


    1. Hello Betty. There has been some interest in having a class. If it does happen it won’t be before January, and the teacher will be learning as we move along.
      I would be interested in seeing your copper needle. Could you possibly post a picture?


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