A touch of fall color

Well, fall is coming. Every time a season changes I declare the new season to be my favorite. I must say however, that autumn is my true favorite. I have memories of the kids returning to school, brisk Saturdays on the soccer field, and noisy beautiful smelling fallen leaves.

It is that time of year when you start out the day in a sweatshirt and soon realize just how hot you are.  I am just beginning to add a bit of autumn color to the house, so I thought I’d share a few pictures.  The pumpkin wall hanging I did many years ago and hangs below a shelf I made (My one-time attempt at woodworking).  Wytch One, the needlepunch from Rebecca Lindquist’s pattern, sits on a spice box with some fabric pumpkins and my pie crow.  Both are in my kitchen.

WP_pumpkin quiltWP_fall grouping

We had two huge antique fairs in the area Saturday. One was in Saline, MI and the other in Utica, MI. Since they were in  opposite directions and 60 miles apart, I had to pick one. Utica won the toss. It was a nice show, but all I brought home with me was a cow bell and a whisk broom. More raw material for my punching projects.

Thinking of apple cider and orchard donuts…….


6 thoughts on “A touch of fall color

  1. Looks like fall! Your fall creations look good. I love fall the best too. Reading your post, I can almost hear the leaves crunching, and the kids as they run up and down the field. I can almost taste that cider too.


  2. Hi, I’m new to your blog and I’m from Michigan too. I live in Shelby along the shores of Lake Michigan and fall is definitely on it’s way here. The trees are just starting to turn and the air is crisper in the mornings. I’m a big supporter of the Michigan Fall season. ( I love it) but I sure dread what follows. Glad I found your blog 🙂


    1. Hi Karel. Welcome to Yooper Trails. I had to check the Michigan map to find Shelby. I see you are close to Ludington. We have made uncountable trips up I-75, but I have been on the west shore a few times. You must get some brilliant fall color in your area. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon.


  3. Hi Marion … I remember you from Rebecca’s blog. I see you punched Wytch One? too. It was one of my first punched needle pieces and just got her out of storage for display. You have some lovely pieces. BTW I too am a Michigander. I live in Saginaw, but for 10 yrs. lived in East Tawas ….. love northern Mi!


    1. Hi Myra. I’m so glad to hear from you. It is nice that you remember me from Rebecca’s blog. When I first started punching there were few places to share. I somehow fell upon ‘A Simple Quiet’ and spent hours looking at Rebecca’s great posts. Thank you for the nice comments. I’d be happy to see any pieces you would like to share.

      I used to work with a doctor who came from Iran. I remember him saying “Where is that up north place that everyone goes to?” as if it were one town. I guess it means many things to many people, but yes it is all beautiful.


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