Summer sunsets

August was always the month we packed up the family to head home to Mohawk, MI. It was important that our kids got to enjoy  country life (where my husband and I were born.) A bonfire with roasted potatoes and s’mores at Eagle River (at least once) was mandatory and I’m sure I have an album full of sunsets.


This year’s picture has no beach, but is still stunning. It is taken from the front porch of the Mohawk house.

WP_sunset mohawk porch

Finally the last sunset, taken yesterday by our son-in-law, David in Tel Aviv Israel. I hope your summer is filled with beautiful sunsets and surrounded by people you love.

I hope your summer is full of beautiful sunsets surrounded by people you love.

4 thoughts on “Summer sunsets

  1. I also found punchneedle just a couple of years ago,I love it so much! It goes well with my cross stitch and primitive dolls(also a new discovery). Right now I have one of each going! Good luck with your new blog,someday I think I’d like to start one. For now I will live throughThe simple quiet & Notforgotten farm among others.:-)


    1. Chris, thanks for visiting. I thought about a blog for more than a year. One thing I did was to take a lot of pictures during that time. If I was working on something I particularly liked or a process I thought would be nice to share, I’d take pictures as the piece developed. In the meantime, if you want to share a picture with me, I’ll post it for you.

      My sister Carole has a Picture Trail Called Lady of the Lake, which you can link to from here. Also, visit Homespun Prims linked here for prim dolls.

      Come back again.


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