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Christmas photos

Welcome to my mini tour to celebrate Christmas.



The above two photos are taken in our front porch. I love the paper mache top hat. I found it at  Michaels last year. I wish I bought more than one because I’ve not seen them again.


I made these pomanders following a recipe in a book called “The Scented Room.” by Barbara Orbach.  They are done with clove-studded limes which sat in a mixture of cloves, cinnamon, allspice for four weeks. After ‘curing’ I tied each with a blue ribbon.


Here is the cutlery tray I found at one of the Illinois prim shows we visited last month. It is filled with coxcomb, fabric pears and pinkeeps made by my sister, Carole. The little copper candle was done by my son Michael many years ago. He was creating prims before I ever discovered them.WP_001017


I made this wreath at a workshop at the Einerlie store in Chassel, Michigan years ago. The owner did summer workshops which Carole and I attended for many summers. Nestled in with pomegranates , seed heads and penguin you will find a little cream colored sheep. This is special as it is the very first thing I punched.

Christmas stockings waiting for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve.

I hope you enjoyed your your visit.

Sneak Peek

Magdalena Briner Eby (1832-1915) was from Perry County, PA.  Her primitive rugs are considered a signature example of American folk art. If pressed, I don’t think I could choose a favorite.

Hooked rugs were done with long strips of wool and hooked on stiff fabric such as burlap. I always say that hooking and punching are like cousins and the designs work well in either one.  The photos above are the beginning of my latest project. It is my freehand interpretation of  Magdalena’s Dog and Crows and I will try to keep the colors as close to hers as I can.  I’ve learned that there were certain things  repeated in rugs she created. For example, the cherry in the bird’s beak can be found in different rugs.

So, a little history and a sneak preview. Thanks for stopping by.

Holly Hills Primitives

I’m heading today to “Christmas on the Homestead” in Holly Mi. Looking out the window I see fog, which I hope burns off before I leave. I checked the mileage and this shop is only 5 miles from Fenton, so I think I’ll visit “Stitch n Things,” a shop featured in the Punch Needle Primitive Stitcher mag. Stay tuned for details.

Christmas is in the air

We awoke to frost covering the landscape, but the sun is bright and green grass is still the prominent view.  However, we won’t allow that to stifle our Christmas anticipation.  I’m rather certain snow is in our future here in Michigan.

Today will be busy with last minute preparation for the Holiday Magic Marketplace at the Royal Oak Farmers Market.  The Marketplace will be open from 4pm until 9pm. This is in conjunction with the tree lighting ceremony which takes place directly across the street in the plaza by Royal Oak library. The market will have free hot dogs and hot chocolate and Santa will make a visit in a fire truck.  I hope you can join the festivities and visit me at my Yooper Trails table. I will have a selection of punch needle including Christmas items.  The market address is 316 E. 11 Mile, Royal Oak. 48067.

Santa on a broom and top hat and in a metal frame share space with a Prairie Schooler cross stitch pillow. They all sit upon my Triangles By Design quilt which took me three years to complete.

I was fortunate to be featured in the Detroit Free Press Homestyle magazine last Friday. The column by Jocelyn Brown is called Handmade. Click here to read the article. It was nice to have needle punch enjoy some exposure.

I will be offering an update on my blog Saturday night at 8pm under the “Shop Yooper Trails” tab.



Thanksgiving Wishes

I want to extend my wishes for a happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you too will be gathering with family and friends. If travel is a part of your days, be safe.  We will share the day with my brother and my sister and her family. We will enjoy the ultimate turkey dinner prepared by my sister Carole, which will parallel those we remember prepared by our mother. We will miss our daughter Sarah and her husband David, who will share the day together in Maryland.

Thanksgiving Blessings

ROHS PTSA Holiday Marketplace

Wow, it seems like forever since I’ve posted something. Thanksgiving is eight days away and Christmas is waiting in the wings. With the great weather we have enjoyed it feels much earlier in the year.

I celebrated my birthday last weekend visiting primitive country shows in Illinois with my sister, Carole. (Click on Carole’s name for a Picture Trail tour of her lovely country home.)  We were at Country Spirit in Arcola, Gathering on the Prairie and the Homesteaders in Arthur and Rural Life in Tuscola. Add a couple country stores to that and we pretty well filled Friday and Saturday.  Two of the shows were so large they were located in separate buildings.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time and I did come home with a few goodies.

Me, Carole and Kari from Just a Little Bit Country in Waukesha, Wi.
Me, Carole and Kari from Just a Little Bit Country in Waukesha, Wi.

Back home on Sunday and busy ever since with final details for the Holiday Marketplace at RO High School, which takes place on Saturday, Nov 21 from 10 am til 4 pm. The high school is on Crooks Road north of Thirteen Mile Road. My booth is #38 in the gym and sits at the end of a row.  This is their 32 annual show. It is always well attended and includes 160 vendors.

Here are a few new items I will have available. I hope you have a chance to stop by and visit.

WP_000947WP_tom turkeyWP_000942



Thanksgiving and Chistmas and Las Vegas

The days fly by. Our Sunday paper came with mini catalogs from a few stores displaying the Christmas toys and items we adults just can’t live without. As an adult I have commented more than once how early the merchants begin their siege of advertisements. But Sunday I remembered how anxious we were as kids to get the Sears and Roebuck and the Montgomery Ward catalogs. Those pages were really dog-eared by the time Christmas arrived. So, perhaps my impatience has been slightly tempered by that recall.

I am finally posting my completed Turkey on Pumpkin from the pattern so generously provided by Cathy Sowers.  As you see, I was able to solve the problem of the tipping doorknob with the addition of a large washer.


I am doing a show on November 21 at the Royal Oak High School Holiday Marketplace, so I’ve been working on some Christmas items. I’m adding a photo of a few things in progress. (Don’t we spend a lot of time in progress?) Stay tuned for updates. I don’t think I will use the child’s dust pan for the angel ornie. First, I see too much red and second, I think I can find something better to display. I had a few tree light reflectors left that will be adorned with Christmas trees.

The cow bell is not exactly Christmas related, but I did get that finished. This is my second cow bell. The first one is hiding somewhere in my house. It amazes me how much time I spend on the grand search for the latest thing that has escaped.


I wanted to try my hand at a Belsnickel Santa. My version could well be mistaken for a Santa gnome, but here he is. I had fun with him. I punched the arms separately and did not stuff them. It is always a challenge to invert pieces that small, but it is getting a bit easier. Again, patience is the most important part of the process. I increased the depth of his beard to #7. He has a tiny pink mouth slightly hidden by his massive beard.


Finally, what in the world has Vegas to do with all this? Well, confession time…there lies my second passion. Bruce and I do love to visit the desert city. I have decided that no punch needle items will make the trip. It would pass the time on the 4 hour plane ride, but that needle might be misconstrued as a weapon. I still have my fingers crossed that my Punch Needle Primitive Stitcher magazine will arrive before we leave today. Expected mail delivery is later than our plane departure, however our awesome mailman said he will ‘special deliver’ it if he sees it.

Until later, I hope you are enjoying great autumn days. Thanks for your visit.

Visiting the real Yooper Trails And Cathy’s Turkey nears completion.

I just returned from a wonderful trip to the upper peninsula of Michigan with my son, Michael. True to form, the UP gave us a wide range of weather while we were there. One minute we were bombarded with snow on our windshield. Then we would drive around one or two curves and be greeted by sunshine and glorious fall color.


I have decided if someone were to roll out the red carpet for me I want it to look like the one below..


We had supper at Fitzgerald’s in Eagle River just in time to catch the sunset over Lake Superior. A bit too chilly for a fire and roasted potatoes, but we couldn’t go home without a visit to one of our favorite spots. Here is MIchael framed by the sunset.


I carried Cathy’s turkey with me on our 600 mile trip, but must admit I never touched a punch needle while we were gone. So, now I’m back and I have managed to finish the punching. I’ve got Tom’s backing sewed on and turned the piece right-side out. (Very carefully turned. I held my breath when I reached the top hat.)  I’m posting a few pictures of my progress. I haven’t decided how I will mount the bird. I tried the doorknob, but it seems to want to wobble. Turkeys should gobble, not wobble. I have a short little wooden candle holder, but I’m leaning towards using my Tinker Toys to form a base. Once I decide I’ll sew the pumpkin shut on the bottom. Any thoughts?


And finally, Tressie, the Queen sends her best wishes