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Think Spring

Hello to all my punchneedle friends.  I don’t know where the time went since my last post. I hope you missed me during my hibernation.  Here in Michigan we are hoping the few inches of snow that fell on Tuesday will pass for the St. Patrick’s Day storm that we expect every year and the weather will warm and carry us into spring.

I’ve been enjoying a new punching energy as I prepare for a show at our Farmers’ Market this Saturday.  Let me share some pictures with you.

Lori Rippey’s Bunny Basket and Blooms

This is my second time punching Lori’s sweet little piece. I was fairly new to punch needle (as well as new to Valdani) the first time.  It was interesting to see the difference in my punching from the first attempt to the second.

Frolicking Bunny

The above is a little doodle I drew up myself. It is shown with a beeswax lamb.

Kate Gillery’s penguins

One more bunny. This one is mine too.

Thanks for visiting me here at Yooper Trails. Keep on punching.


Autumn Offerings

I have a few Halloween/Autumn punch needle pieces for your consideration. If you would like to purchase something, you can email me at

These silhouettes are from patterns by Rebecca Lindquist at A Simple Quiet.

They are 4.5 by 2.25 and perch on book covers. Both have hangers on the back.

Kindly asking $23 each plus travel fare.


This busy wytch searches for the perfect pumpkin. Sitting in a 6×8″ frame, the piece is punched in  Valdani perle cotton. Whych One comes from a pattern by Rebecca Lindquist. This comes comes with waxed jewelry cord for hanging.

Kindly asking $40.00 plus travel fare.


This whimsical finish is my design. It measures approximately 5×7. Boo brings to mind the primitive rugs done in the 1800s.

Kindly asking $30.00 plus travel fare.


I hope you are enjoying this autumn season with it’s cool mornings and evenings and brilliant color display.

Pull toy pictures

Greetings Yooper Friends. I have succumbed to the dog days of summer and become very lazy. It is just as easy to hibernate from the heat as it is from the cold. I see messages from friends in Vermont experiencing mornings in the 50s.  I’m seeing more and more signs of autumn, so I guess it is time to shake of the laziness and get moving.

I’m never too lazy to be punching, however. These two that I’m showing you today I drew up myself, taking cues from talented punchers that I see ‘out there.’  I’ve completed the G for giraffe and the H for (what else?) horse.  Gee, there is an entire alphabet out there. I could be busy for a long time…as long as I can stay creative. What do you think?


Wow, it is amazing what a picture shows. As I look at the giraffe, it looks stark white to me. I used the Valdani ecru, but I think I might need to back up and do some walnut crystal staining to tone it down.


Mr. Horse is much more to my liking. The variegated Valdani adds so much texture. Well, there is nothing that can’t be fixed. As my brother the carpenter says, “I can fix anything but a broken heart.” Stay tuned for further updates. Same station, not sure about the time.

July and August in Keweenaw

We are back home after a wonderful four-week visit to Mohawk. We were able to visit with many old friends at my husband’s class reunion. We also enjoyed having our children and their spouses join us for a week.


I was also pleased to do two classes at the Copper Country Artist Association Gallery in Calumet. We met for three hours on two Tuesdays.  The staff at the gallery were welcoming. It was a pleasure to hold classes there. And I love sharing punch needle.


Donna, Stephanie, Mary and Debra joined the class. Stephanie (our little over-achiever) finished her project and by the time we met for our second class she had drawn her own design on a new project and almost completed that.  She did an unbelievable job on the lettering. I think by next summer she will be teaching me!


As I sit here feeling the heat and humidity it is hard to think that fall is so close. But a trip to a local store yesterday shows that to be true. Pumpkins and Halloween candy and orange and gold everywhere… I’m still waiting for our neighbors’ tomatoes to turn red.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Yoopertrails. Thanks for stopping by.

More finishes (Subtitle: And that’s why we never throw anything away!)

I know it has only been a day since my last post, but I’m excited to display these finishes. I drew up a Santa gnome at Christmas time last year and since then I’ve been thinking a Lady Liberty might be fun.  Here she stands on her tinker toy pedestal amid her Lady’s Mantle.



I have had this next one punched but still on its frame for months. I finally decided it was time to quit stalling. I used a blue ticking fabric on the back and very carefully turned it right side out. The tail was a bit of a challenge, but he survived the surgery. I suggested to my husband that we might find some driftwood when we become yoopers for the summer. He reminded me that I have a basket of it stuffed above a storage cupboard in the basement. This provided me with the most excellent opportunity to say to him, (repeat after me)….And that’s why we never throw anything away.


It has been a year since the Punch Needle Primitive Stitcher magazine published its first issue. I found  ‘Colonial Tulips’ in the anniversary issue. This pattern is by Doreen Frost at Vermont Harvest Folk Art.  This was a fun, quick punch project. I couldn’t wait to order her suggested colors so I improvised with Valdani I already had. The colors are close. Here it is, sitting next to a sewing basket that my dad made about 75 years ago. As I look more closely at the picture, I’m thinking I should perhaps use some walnut crystal stain to further antique the box.


Now I need to get a new project started before I go into punch needle withdrawal. How are you keeping busy during these beautiful summer days?

Redware Picture

Good morning Friends. Here is a little note for the day. My good friend Kathie gave me a book of pictures from a primitive collection at the American Folk Art Museum in New York. It is a lovely collection which I am truly enjoying. This piece is my re-creation of a picture by an unidentified artist, probably from Pennsylvania.


I have done a lot of punching lately and also some ‘finishing.’ I’m really close to sharing my Lady Liberty and my patriotic whale as well as my colonial tulips from the latest Punch Needle Primitive Stitcher magazine. Stay tuned for more to come.

Summer Greetings!

Good morning to my YooperTrails followers. I’m pleased to share some time with you.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I’m sure we all have stories to share and special moments to remember. I’m sitting on the deck with my children’s father enjoying the heat and the sun (and a chocolate croissant) before it becomes too hot.

I have a few finishes to share.  They are of a patriotic theme. Polly’s Parade is a pattern from Polly Minick. The marching chicken is a variation of one of Polly’s creation. The Yankee Doodle is mine. I am a bit late for Flag Day and a bit early for July 4th, but here they are. I truly enjoyed working the parade. It reminds me of celebrating as a child in Mohawk.

WP_fourth of july solo

WP_fourth of july trio


I had the privilege of conducting another little class with Kathie and Lee. We had two official classes and now continue to meet occasionally to punch together. It is always fun to introduce new people to the punching world. We chose a cardinal for our beginning project. Here is Kathie with her finish.


After that first project Kathie was hooked. She drew up her own pattern and made the pillow below. Very impressive, is it not?  Kathie is now working on a companion piece.


Thank you for stopping by.







Vegas, here we come. (Or, what does Marion do when not needlepunching?)


Since the weather can’t seem to cooperate here in Michigan, I think it’s time to check out another part of the country. Bruce is keeping the home fires burning while we have a girls’ trip to Las Vegas. The weather will be perfect, reaching the high 80s while we’re there.  No punch needle will accompany me. I fear security might relieve me of my Cameo.

I have some finishes to share with you. Our son-in-law is just finishing his masters in art at Michigan State. His thesis presentation was at the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum. At my daughter’s suggestion, I did a PN of one of David’s paintings. He loved it, which made me happy also. Here are photos of the original and the PN.  We have several ideas of what the subject is. David says it is in the eye of the beholder. So, what do you think?


My next finish is slightly out of the ordinary for me. With this Vegas trip upcoming, I looked to the Southwest for an idea. I sometimes struggle with colors. I wanted vivid hues for the thunderbird, but also wanted the desert represented.  Here is the outcome.


Finally, for each of my children’s birthday this year, I recreated PN of paintings they did in elementary. For Sarah, it was Raggedy Ann. For Michael it was a ship reminiscent of the Nina, Pinta or the Santa Maria. Granted, the Raggedy Ann is a bit on the creepy side, but so was her original. Anyway, it’s all in fun, right.


Whatever your days hold in store,  I hope we shared a smile here and now.