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Happier Times.

Hello Friends. I had such a productive day today. I’m excited to share my latest finish. This is a design from Yvonne Buus that she calls ‘Joseph.’ I’m calling it ‘Happier Times’ since that is what is brings to mind and what we are all awaiting.

I thought I’d share with you my method for finishing. This first picture shows the materials I used. The foam board is cut so it fits into the back of the frame. Using quilt batt glued to the board gives the piece nice dimension. The Stitchery Tape is double sided and acid free.

I steam pressed the piece, checked for any punches that needed trimming and cut the excess weaver’s cloth to two inches around the piece.


Position your piece with the foam board in the center. Place this into the back of the frame and check the front side to make sure no weaver’s cloth shows around the side. Attach the cloth in the center of each side. Check the front again. You might need to reposition the piece. You can remove the cloth from the initial attached area once or twice without compromising the tape.


After making sure the cloth is pulled tight and attached to the tape I used a point pusher to keep it all in place in the frame.

Then I used regular scotch tape (double sided) on the frame back and covered it with brown paper. I usually use screw eyes, but didn’t have any in the house. There is no running to the hardware store these days, so plan B is using a ‘make do.’ I had some upholstery tacks and actually really like how it turned out.

 So, here’s the finished product


I hope I had some good tips for you. If my stain and wax is dry I’ll have my two sheep ready to post tomorrow. I stained it today and added MinWax. Now it just needs to dry.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be safe.


Time for a new post.

Hello Friends.  I find myself with plenty of time on my hands these days. Perhaps I can provide a diversion with a visit to my blog. So, what good things can I share? It has been so nice to be wakened these mornings by the chirping of birds outside. I see the beginning of buds on trees. I took a walk the other night and saw a lovely  bed of little yellow flowers, not sure what they were. All these signs mean spring is near.

Our sweet baby Claudia is almost 18 months old and Grandma has to share one picture.

I see her dad in that sweet little face.

I’ve been keeping busy and finishing works in progress. Here is a four square runner I started before Christmas. (I see my photo includes the messy lower part of the desk.)


I had a show planned for April 5 at the Eastern Market, which of course now has been postponed. Hopefully the May 31 date they chose will find us in better days. Meanwhile, I thought I’d post a picture each day of pieces I have been punching. This one is called Faded Flowers and is from a pattern by Julie Thomas at The Old Tattered Flag.


I am posting two photos today. This one is from Doreen Frost, one of my favorite designers. I haven’t decided if I should stain this hornbook, or if I should paint it. And if I paint it, what color shall I chose. What are your thoughts?


Thank you for stopping by. Please leave a comment and we can share some conversation. Be well and stay positive.


A Magical Early Homestead Christmas

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving with family and friends and I hope the weather has been gentle with you. I just did a quick check at and I see that the Yoopers already had 59.1 inches of snow to date. Dreaming of a white Christmas is not often necessary in northern Michigan

Santa’s little helper came early. Our baby is growing and changing every day.

Despite my great intentions of posting daily, I keep getting thwarted by life events. I have been preparing for the Magical Early Homestead Christmas, which will happen this coming Saturday. This is at the Old School on 111 College Street in Holly, Mi. That is December 7 from 10 am until 3 pm.  Holly is also celebrating their Dickens Festival this week through Saturday. St Dominic’s choir will be performing at the show. Carriage rides through Holly will also be available. I hope you can join us in picturesque Holly.

Vintage ornies
Balsam-filled bowl stuffers
Mitsy is intrigued by a new ‘thing’ in her personal space.
Wynter was made from a freebie pattern I’ve had for many years. I like to identify artists, but just can’t remember whose this was.
This rug/wall hanging if from Two Old Crows. The piece is about 10×14 inches. Parts are punched at deeper depth which gives it greater dimension.
I had fun with these glamour girls from Polly Minick. Let’s forget for a minute that it is wynter tyme. Sorry, for some reason I can’t fix the blurriness. 

This will probably be my last post until next week. Thank you for visiting Yooper Trails.

Wynter has hit Royal Oak

Last Tuesday was the scheduled day for the city to pick up leaves from our street, but Mother Nature had other ideas. I can’t remember the last time we got snow before the leaves were gone. Now we have a messy mix of snow and leaves and some temperatures that I’m not quite ready for. I guess it is a reminder of what we can control and what we cannot. Speaking of control, let’s talk about what I saw when I opened my blinds on Thursday morning. It was the beginning of a lovely weekend of celebration.

I am happy to be joining ‘A Magical Early Homestead Christmas’ in Holly, Michigan on December 7, part of Holly’s yearly Dickens festival.  Busy days!

I finally found something to make for this toy iron I’ve had for years.
Some vintage cookie cutters and toy tins.
These little guys stand on quilting thread spools.
Santa’s Midnight Ride done in browns and tans is 9×14 inches. It is a pattern from Two Old Crows.
Still not completely finished. I need to add the ribbon for hanging Wynter and also need to hand stitch the bottom of the little bowl fillers which I’ve stuffed with balsam needles.

Back to work for me. Thanks for stopping by.


If my site were a physical entity, I’d need to dust if off before using. Wow, where did the summer go? I hope it was a relaxing enjoyable season for you. I had the opportunity to do some travelling to the UP three times, to Las Vegas and also to Atlantic City.

I am celebrating the beginning of the autumn with an open house this Saturday, the nineteenth from one until four pm. I’ll have many new punch needle pieces on display and for sale. Stop in for a visit and a ‘cuppa cider’ and sign in for a chance to win a whimsical Halloween piece.  It would be great to see you. The address is 1117 Lawndale Drive, Royal Oak, MI 48067.

Thanks to the wonderful designers Lori Rippey, Donna Munson, Betty Dekat, Rose Clay and Julie Thomas for these lovely patterns.


One more week…

I’m excited to be sharing space with 38 plus awesome folks at the Early Homestead Show in 8 days. Vendors are coming from Tennessee, Ohio, Wisconsin and New York with antiques and primitives and vintage lighting. Maybe I’ll see you there.

My preparations are almost complete, although I never seem to stop punching on something.  Here are a few pieces I’ve done from Polly Minick’s book ‘American Summer.’ I especially love the whale. I made it into a little candle mat and finished it by just folding the backing over the front and leaving some rough edges. This was done before I discovered Valdani and I got the effect by blending two DMC blues for the water.


Autumn on Acorn Farm is a pattern by Doreen Frost. This was fun to punch. The white background is definitely not my style, but it works perfectly on this. I love the detail on the old lady.


I finished the punching on Lori Brechlin’s Folky Bird. It exists as one more item needing that final finish. I will sew a backing on it and crochet a string to use for hanging.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Quick good morning

Hello Punchneedle Friends. I have been making some progress here preparing for the Early Homestead show. My ‘finished’ group is larger than my ‘need to finish’ group. I’m working now on a freebie from Lori Brechlin at Not Forgotten Farm. Here is a sneak preview. I am still undecided on a background color. What are your thoughts? I’m leaning towards Valdani P4, which is called Aged White, but it is actually an variegated ecru. This was a great project to use up my small bits of color that I’ve accumulated. After working on pastels I realized how much I love these darker color tones.


Thanks for stopping by.

busy preparing

I had a friend stop over last night for a visit. She is probably my greatest punch needle advocate. Well everything she touched I’d have to say, oh I need to do this or I need to do that.  My living room is filled with various degrees of punch needle ‘unfinishedness’ (Don’t you love inventing new words?) So this morning I sat myself down and had a stern talking-to and I’m determined to actually finish everything in sight. I will be in Holly, Michigan at the Early Homestead Show on March 23 and it would probably be a good idea to present finished items.

The Early Homestead Show is a great destination for those of you who love antiques, primitives and early goods. The hours are 10am to 3pm and admission is $5. This is held at the Karl Richter Centre, 300 East Street, Holly, MI 48442.

I do have a few photos to share, but first let me tell you how wonderful it was to spend a week with my son and family in Hollywood, Florida. It only took my sweet baby Claudia four months to visit Florida while it took her grandma…well, we won’t say how many years to make it there. I was on a mission to capture the best sunrise and lucked out with this moonrise too.

Here are a few punch needle pieces I have been working on. And on that note, I’m off to work.