Vegas, here we come. (Or, what does Marion do when not needlepunching?)


Since the weather can’t seem to cooperate here in Michigan, I think it’s time to check out another part of the country. Bruce is keeping the home fires burning while we have a girls’ trip to Las Vegas. The weather will be perfect, reaching the high 80s while we’re there.  No punch needle will accompany me. I fear security might relieve me of my Cameo.

I have some finishes to share with you. Our son-in-law is just finishing his masters in art at Michigan State. His thesis presentation was at the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum. At my daughter’s suggestion, I did a PN of one of David’s paintings. He loved it, which made me happy also. Here are photos of the original and the PN.  We have several ideas of what the subject is. David says it is in the eye of the beholder. So, what do you think?


My next finish is slightly out of the ordinary for me. With this Vegas trip upcoming, I looked to the Southwest for an idea. I sometimes struggle with colors. I wanted vivid hues for the thunderbird, but also wanted the desert represented.  Here is the outcome.


Finally, for each of my children’s birthday this year, I recreated PN of paintings they did in elementary. For Sarah, it was Raggedy Ann. For Michael it was a ship reminiscent of the Nina, Pinta or the Santa Maria. Granted, the Raggedy Ann is a bit on the creepy side, but so was her original. Anyway, it’s all in fun, right.


Whatever your days hold in store,  I hope we shared a smile here and now.

5 thoughts on “Vegas, here we come. (Or, what does Marion do when not needlepunching?)

  1. You HAVE been busy! Love all of your interpretations of family artwork. A neat idea. The Thunderbird turned out great also. Have a wonderful girls time away! Lori


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